The History of Kreuser & Sons

Rod Kreuser, owner of Kreuser & Sons Window, Awning & Siding Company, began working with his brothers and father, RJ Kreuser, who started the exterior remodeling business in 1953 in the Highland Area of St. Paul. In 1999, Rod and his wife, Nancy, expanded the business to the White Bear Lake area. 

Kreuser & Sons Window, Awning & Siding Company specialized in maintenance-free exterior finishings of a home. The company closed it's doors in 2018 after many years of smiling customers! We have made many friends in the construction industry. Thank you all!

2019 has brought a new chapter for Kreuser & Sons.  Rod and the employees have moved on to larger remodeling projects with Flannery Construction. His wife, Nancy and their four kiddo's (The Board of Directors) have began a new venture with 
                                  Kreuser & Sons, LLC. 
                                          We rent stuff. Plain and simple. 

Hopefully the list of rentable items will grow as this new company grows and accumulates more...stuff

Nancy Kreuser, Owner
1469 N Birch Lake Blvd
White Bear Lake, MN 55110

     WE LOVE REFERRALS!! Please spread the word to your friends and family!!
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